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(you are able to form the Delivery column to quicker get the Disapproved or Approved Restricted goods by pressing the Distribution column header.)
Press the ellipsis image close to the rank within the Delivery line to see the advertisement or keyword ‘s disapproved the known reasons and also terms for the disapprovals.
In the event the status is Authorized Limited, you’ll also seethe certain industry(s) in which the advertisement or keyword is disapproved.

Content assessments don’t halt once an advertisement is live. The Bing Ads group performs reviews that are ongoing to assist guarantee a good marketplace. That is why, keywords and ads that have previously shown may be disapproved.

Bing Ads Training Free Download

Design identifies the way your advertisement seems and says using the usage of capitalization, syntax. Your ad will soon be effective and obvious by following the model guidelines.
You can find two specific content plans that can help you remove redundancy, person activities that are complicated or low-quality advertisements.